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Quiz for Adult Students of the Communicative English or Teamwork Classes

For those of you interested in taking an ADULT CLASS, but are not sure of the level of English required, we created this quick quiz.  "Passing" means that your score suggests that you would be comfortable taking a class that is completely in English with a native English teacher.  Be aware the questions are not weighted equally when tabulating this score.

Please note this quiz is NOT for the youth classes. No test is required for the YOUTH CLASSES.

Please listen to the audio and answer the questions.  You may listen as many times as you like.

What is the name the program you just heard?
Which best describes the main subject being discussed?
Where does the story take place?


Please remember to call me when you _______ the office
Lurleen is very angry _______ her town's decision to cut down the ancient park trees.
The wizard asked if _______ to bring our magic hats and wands to class.
Let's make sure to take cover behind that hill before the fireworks _______ .
The old police station has now been turned _______ a quite popular café.
The Muddy Waters Blues Band is planning to go on _______ in the next year.
Lady Gaga and Madonna are planning to _______ a new cologne for single men later this year.