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Many teaching methods are used by your ESL coach, but a heavy emphasis is placed on the communicative method, which enables students to learn at their own pace. Only authentic materials, those created by native speakers, are used. The course is conducted in a natural way and students retain their knowledge without memorizing. Grammar and vocabulary are taught and practiced from context, allowing students to use English in real life situations.

Communicative English

Your understanding and being understood by native and non-native English speakers is the emphasis of this class. This 55 minute class begins with each student speaking one-on-one with the coach. Conversation is light and friendly. Next, and open topic will be discussed by the group – for example something interesting in the news like “The First Humans Land On Mars!” After this, using the Communicative Method, it is time for the native materials. This means text or audio that was created by and for native English speakers. For example – in class we will listen to a brief audio clip or article. We will discuss what you heard; then you will be given the audio’s transcript. We will read it together. Any phrases, idioms, expressions or words, not fully understood, will be thoroughly explained. Now you own the transcript… meaning you understand it fully and you have its audio so you have the correct pronunciation for each word. If time allows, the group will finish with a fun game or quiz that reinforces what you learned in class. Each class is designed for you continuing education. The level and intensity is up to you. Now you have the audio and transcript with your notes. Soon you will have a dozen and that might be enough for you. Maybe you don’t have anymore time – or you can re-listen to the audio and reinforce you English. You can practice your pronunciation any time you like. You can perfect it. It is up to you. Make the lessons your own!

SKILL SETS THROUGH ENGLISH: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Culture and Idioms and Expressions

English Adventure

You have worked hard to get your English where it is today. You want to keep growing, but are in no mood for worksheets or lectures. So let’s play a game… in English! The short manual will be your textbook. The adventure, map and tokens will provide your eight parts of speech. Exploration, encounters, battles and the rules will provide active vocabulary and usage.

Go on an adventure with English! Be a wizard, fighter or thief! You can be an Orc, Goblin, Elf, Dwarf or even a human, but you will be speaking only English. Each 90 minute session begins with review from the week before – introduction of a game concept and its exploration and discussion. Then you will practice what you have learned demonstrating knowledge on the gaming platform Roll20. Enroll now and secure your adventure in English.

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

SKILL SETS THROUGH ENGLISH: Communication, Time Management, Problem-Solving, Listening, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Leadership