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Frequently Asked Questions

What time zone are ESLcoach's courses listed and taught in? CET — Central European Time UTC

I signed up for a class but haven't received any email back? You should get an email from eslcoachorg@gmail.com almost immediately with a description of your request. If you haven't, please check your Spam. If there is no reply, please fill out the form again, paying close attention to your email address or sent us an email with your request. 

What platform is used to teach online? For most classes Google Meet, Skype or BigBlueButton is used. Roll20, an online tabletop gaming platform, is used for the English Adventure classes. All are free services as of now.

Do I need to download Google Meet? No.

What do I need for Google Meet? You need only to access it through one of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Are there any real advantages of online lessons over in-person one? Yes, many. Travel of students and the teacher has been eliminated saving both time and money and cutting down on pollution. Classes can consist of friends or family too far from one another to practically have in-person classes. You can have class on the go (one student attended while waiting in the airport for her next flight). Students can turn on subtitles while in session. Videos and audio clips are more accessible.

Can a class consist of just one student? Yes. This would be a private class.

How do I pay? Once a class has made, an invoice will be sent to you which is easily paid online.

How do I know my computer and internet connection are adequate for classes? Generally, if your computer can run a YouTube video, you will be fine.

I want my children to have a Youth Class with their friends -- how do I do that? Go to Sign Up for Youth Classes, fill out the form and at the end include in the message box the names of the other students along with their parent/guardian contacts.

When have I registered for my classes? You are registered (meaning you have secured your seat in the class) once your invoice has been paid. You will receive confirmation from ESLcoach stating that you are now registered for the class.